How We Work

Empower ____


Perfect healthcare answers don’t exist. We won’t try to tell you that they do. You are far more invested in your health than we could ever be—it affects everything you do! So you need treatment that fits your body, your goals, and your situation. We’ll consider a myriad of factors before recommending a treatment plan.

____ Innovate


Medical professionals should never stop learning. Our team closely follows new developments in orthopedics and we regularly update our equipment and procedures. In addition, we contribute new innovations to the field. Dr. Bendiks is a leading spine researcher who regularly develops new techniques and teaches other spine surgeons.

Care ____


You shouldn’t be alone in your battle with pain and discomfort. At Georgia Spine, we consider ourselves true partners in your fight. Several of our staff members have personal experience with orthopedic conditions and pain, which gives them extra insight into your experience.